Making barrier-free communication

Remove communication barriers and create time and places that everyone can use the internet

Do the right thing

Think first about our users. Only do what we can convince.

Create an environment where we can challenge with peace of mind

We solve the problem by a mechanism. Everyone creates the foundation for the challenge.

Add value

Think in our own mind and take the initiative in the project.

Wi-Fi auto connect app

TownWiFi by GMO

No.1 Wi-Fi spots in Japan! We will automize Wi-Fi connect/login and make you connect everywhere.

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Location Data Platform

TownWiFi Analytics

A new analytics tool to improve the customer experience. This tool can find "expected visit" from the connection data of TownWiFi.

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Ad platform based on location information

TownWiFi Ads

TownWiFi Ads is a sales promotion tool that allows you to publicize your store's products with a push notification when a customer's smartphone connects to the store's Wi-Fi. You can promote your product when customer visit your store.

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SNS anti-defamation service


SNS PEACE automatically determines if a social network message contains slander. This service automatically hides and auto-mutes that post and its contributors.

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